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It’s all in the demo

Seriously.  It’s all in the demo.  As in, there’s nothing but the demo.  As in, this demo is as close as the customer will ever get to this technology.

A lot of companies put a huge amount of effort into their technology demos.  You know the demos I mean.  The keynote that turns into a Broadway production as the wraps are taken off the latest technology is one.  Another will show up at the product theater on the show floor and relies on Radio Shack power amps overdriving tinny speakers in a futile attempt to drown out the techno music pounding from the surrounding booths.

They feature towering racks of blinking lights, flashy graphics and summer stock graphics beamed to huge theater screens and rely on scripted exhortations of such breathless, pure adrenalised bitwhacking that their promises that “this technology will change everything by redefining some critical part of the business to unlock amazing potential!” seem almost believable.  I saw a presenter a couple of weeks ago that made Vince the ShamWOW guy look like he’s on tranquilizers.

These demos seem to sprout like weeds in the spring when trade show season rolls around.  It behooves all of us to bring a pair of reality goggles when attending these shows in order to see through the glossy epidemic of Power Point driven optimism.

Here’s a helpful tip to technology vendors.  While people will be suitably amazed by demonstrations of what you can do, they will be more impressed if you can also show them why and how they should do it.  Demonstrations that incorporate utility as well as technology are much more valuable as influencers.  You must close the loop between the possible and the potential; you can’t rely on the prospect to make that leap.  And unless you do, staring at you from the show floor is as close as they are going to get to being a customer.

By the way, automakers, I’m still waiting for my personal rocket car.

What’s the silliest or flashiest demo you’ve seen this season?

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