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It’s too bad my friends have jobs

A not-so-subtle and disturbing trend is accelerating in social networking.  The circle of friends with which I surrounded myself is going corporate.  Probably because of my 20 years in marketing, my social network is weighted heavily in that dimension.  Still, it seems that lately four out of five Facebook updates are suddenly pimping work related projects, and the other one is a “What famous 19th century impressionist painter are you?” worm.  The personal contact that I sought when I signed up for the services has been shoved from the stage.  I can’t really blame my friends, they are, after all, marketers and it’s easy to get drunk on the possibilities of social buzz.

Here’s what I predict will happen.  First, more and more of my contacts will be tipped into the ignore bin as they continue to abuse our relationship by foisting their marketing pitches on me using clever URL truncators.  The sphere of personal contacts I maintain will slowly return to the more normal sustainable levels that existed before the wonder of MySpace and Facebook artificially inflated it.  The social landscape will soon look like that kaleidoscopic stretch of endless, rarely clever billboards along Highway 101 in Sunnyvale that no one pays attention to. And finally, a new, personal social networking platform will emerge and all the cool folks will rush in to take advantage of the new clean environment before the corporate drones pollute it again.

Note to marketers:  You’re right, it is important to fish where the fish are;  but it’s not a good idea to dump all your trash in the lake, blast loud music, bang on the side of you boat and scare the fish off.  They might just grow legs and walk away.  Evolution happens faster in the digital age.

How’s your social network treating you?

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