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Second Life midlife crisis? Details at 11 – or not

I find it kind of surprising there isn’t more discussion about Linden Labs’ decision to create an adults only section in Second Life, as reported last week in Information Week.  After a couple of years of struggling with the issues of adult content, the team is working with users to move beyond self-policing to establish more formal guidelines and boundaries.

Then again, we haven’t heard that much about Second Life lately.  After a year of intense hype, the alternate universe has slowly melted from the public eye.  No longer growing at astronomical rates, Second Life has settled into a sort of middle-aged comfort zone.  Ariane Barnes, a metaverse fixture, talked about the dwindling media coverage in a blog entry this week entitled Is the Party Over in SL?.  (Caution, the cover image of a g-string-and stockings-clad female avatar passed out in the gutter clutching an empty whiskey bottle may be misunderstood by coworkers.)

A comment to Ariane’s blog suggests that people may be having so many issues in their real life that they just don’t have time any more for a second existence, but that’s unlikely.  Escape and avoidance is a normal coping mechanism during periods of extreme stress, and what could be more escapey than running off to cavort in a fictional universe?  Still, the old Get a First Life satire page never fails to make me smile.

I think it’s more likely that the whole concept of metaverse technology has become sort of, well, boring.  It didn’t really change the existing world, businesses played with it and moved on and the graphics technology just doesn’t have the sizzle to make people go wow any more.  Maybe we need Pixar to jump in and create avatar as a service offerings.

What do you think?  Do you still have a Second Life?  Will the new red light district policies affect how you live it?

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