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But enough about me, what do *you* think of me?

I once had a girlfriend who would occasionally say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, it IS all about me!”   Needless to say, that relationship did not last very long.  Sadly, most corporate blogs have similarly short relationships with their readers.

Why do we blog?  For some it’s catharsis, for others a way to keep in touch with friends; however, in the professional world the best reason to blog is to have an actual conversation with your stakeholders.  The best corporate blogs are bi-directional portals to topics of mutual interest.

Hightalk has a quick perspective on the problems that many corporate blogs face.  By creating a blog for the wrong reasons, and loading it up with recycled self-promotion, many companies tend to alienate a prospective source of irreplaceable perspective.

So don’t be that person that never gets a second date.  Instead of using your blog as a broadcast channel about yourself, be interesting, engaging, curious and conversational.

What do you think?

Roger Farnsworth

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Alpha Inventions – random stimulation for the blog world

If you found this site because of Alpha Inventions, please make a quick comment and let me know.

Have you ever noticed how many of the best ideas seemingly come out of nowhere?  Some of the most productive brainstorming sessions occur when radical free thinking is encouraged and then the most interesting inputs are correlated later.   This process decouples the wasteful filtering that normally accompanies discussion and allows the team to push the boundaries of creativity.

An interesting web site created by Cheru Jackson called Alpha Inventions or brings this meta-concept, called random stimulation, to the blog world.   The idea is to expose a wide audience to random blogs in a way that fosters creativity.  In Cheru’s words:

The purpose of Alpha Inventions is to connect bloggers with each other in a faster way, so there are no gaps in communication.

This is a very intriguing concept that creates a random collaborative environment.  Regular use of the tool could expand the collective knowledge base of the blogosphere in unpredictable and valuable ways.

Here’s a video that explains the underlying concept more clearly:


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